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7 Financial Things You Need to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

We hear a lot about the coming zombie apocalypse. If the zombies do attack, and start a take over, you will need to make sure ┬áthat you are financially prepared. In fact, it is time to prepare now, shoring up your situation in the event that the zombie apocalypse (or some other catastrophe) actually happens. You don’t want scary finances in such a situation, so here are 7 financial things you should do if you want to increase your chances of surviving the zombie apocalypse:

1. Diversify

One of the basic rules of investing is to diversify. And this rule is important in the event of a zombie apocalypse. You need to have more than one source of income, and various financial resources. Make sure you have a diversified portfolio. But you should also double check to make sure that you have different options when it comes to money, including an emergency stash of cash that you can grab in a hurry, and possibly portable valuables that you can take if you have to leave in a hurry. Chances are, though, that you will be hunkering down at home, so it’s important to have some other items taken care of as well.

2. Pay Off Debt if You Can

Let’s be real. Even in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, your creditors will come knocking. They might even be the zombies. However, if you pay off your debt as soon as you can, you will have fewer obligations to worry about, no matter the disaster. Get rid of as much debt as you can as quick as you can, so you don’t have to worry about it later. You will be in charge of your own finances, and you won’t have to worry about the interest charges making things even worse — as if zombies aren’t bad enough.

3. Home Food Storage

You never know when it’s going to be difficult to go out and buy food. During the zombie apocalypse, you are┬áthe food. If you are stuck in your home for days at a time, you will need sustenance of the non-brain variety. And this is where home food storage can come in handy. Build up your supply of food staples that are shelf-stable and provide nourishment. Even if you aren’t worried about zombies, home food storage can be a boon during times of natural disaster, as well as times when you are short on money. You can stretch your emergency fund further if you have some food stored up to draw on.

4. Means to Get Your Own Food

It can also help to be able to get your own food. One of the best ways to get your own food is to grow your own with the help of a garden. It is even possible to grow your own food inside in some cases, and that can be plus. On top of that, if you aren’t averse to it, it might not be a bad idea to have fishing tackle available — just in case you have access to water, and you need a little more protein. And, of course, a gun never hurts during a zombie apocalypse, whether you are protecting your family from flesh-eating monsters, or looking for a bird or deer to eat for dinner.

5. Basic Emergency Supplies

Make sure that you have basic emergency supplies. Get these items now, before they shoot up in price. Once the zombie apocalypse — or any other disaster — arrives, the store shelves will be empty, and there’s a good chance prices will go up. Get First Aid kits, roadside emergency car kits, 72-hour kits and other emergency supplies now, while they are reasonably priced. Then you will be ready for what comes next. Basic home preparedness can be good for your finances.

6. Keep Your Tank at Least Half Full

If you have a car, make sure that tank is always at least half full. This can be helpful for two reasons:

  1. Your cash flow is a little easier to deal with, since each trip to the gas station won’t cost as much as filling up all at once. Plus, you will have a more regular schedule.
  2. You can get away from the area in a pinch. Whether you are fleeing zombies or trying to get out of town before a hurricane hits, having sufficient gas to make it a decent distant can help you avoid long lines at the pump.

Make it point to keep your gas tank at least half full, and you’ll be well-prepared to stay ahead of trouble.

7. Work on Other Skills

Consider developing a variety of other skills. Soft skills might not help you reason with zombies, but at some point the zombies will be defeated, and the survivors will begin rebuilding society. If you want a job, you need to make sure that you have the skills necessary. Consider developing skills that are transferable between careers. That way, you will be more attractive as a prospect. This advice can help you right now as well. When you have useful skills that are valuable in a number of settings, you will be unemployed for a shorter period of time, and be ready for an unexpected financial setback or job loss — even if zombies aren’t involved.

In the end, the right financial combination can be quite helpful to you, no matter the situation. And if you have your finances in order, you will have one less thing to worry about in the event of a zombie apocalypse, or even some other disaster.

Image source: Jeremy Keith via Wikimedia Commons