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5 Soft Skills Green Lantern can Develop to Earn More Money

One of the realities of today’s workforce is that you need a marketable skill if you want to make money. Not only do you need to be good at what you do, it also helps to have soft skills to help you enhance your ability to do your job well — and possibly even earn more money.

For a superhero that isn’t independently wealthy, this becomes quite important. After all, some superheroes have to work day jobs. The Green Lantern is a prime example. Earth’s Green Lantern needs a day job, whether it’s being a test pilot like Hal Jordan, or working as a struggling artist, like Kyle Rayner.

Here are 5 soft skills the Green Lantern can develop to help boost the ability to make money on the job:

1. Oral Communication Skills

One of the best attributes you can have for a successful career is to be able to communicate verbal. Oral communication includes the ability to express yourself clearly, as well as an ability to speak comfortably to others. Good oral communication skills can help as you interact with customers, as well as with co-workers. Your verbal ability can also help you as you ask for a raise or a promotion.

Improve your ability to communicate verbally, and you can become important at work, or even do more as the public face of your company. Your presentation skills can also improve as part of your ability to communicate orally. Develop the ability to make good presentations, and you will keep your job longer, and possibly even earn more money.

2. Listening Skills

The ability to listen is an important one. Whether you are listening to your boss, commiserating with a co-worker, interviewing with a journalist or helping a customer, it’s vital that you know how to listen. Show that you are an attentive listener, and you will be far more likely to sought on the job. This is something that Hal Jordan sometimes struggles with. However, if he could develop his ability to listen to — and understand — others, he might not always be clashing with his superiors and co-workers.

3. Written Communication Skills

It is increasingly important to write with some proficiency. Learn to write dynamically, with a minimum of grammatical errors, and your stock in the company will definitely rise. Writing is important for more than reports and memos these days as well. If you are able to write interesting blog posts, share engaging tweets, and post helpful information on various social media sites, you can command a pay raise. Writing clearly, concisely and helpfully is a soft skill that you can take to the bank in the current climate.

Do what you can to develop your written communication skills. Whether you are crafting a company email, or creating content for a client newsletter, you can see truly spectacular results when you write well.

4. Positive Attitude

It’s hard to have a positive attitude when you’re a galactic law enforcement officer. However, in a day job, a positive attitude is important — especially during times of economic difficulty. Companies like those who can boost morale, and a positive attitude goes a long way. If you are always dragging your team down, you will be considered poison and could easily be one of the first to go. Someone with a positive attitude, though, is seen as a go-getter. You don’t have to be annoyingly perky, but you can have a can-do attitude that helps get things done, and points toward accomplishment.

5. Problem-Solving Skills

You want to be seen as someone who solves problems. Luckily, that’s something a Green Lantern is already adept at. (A good imagination, and the will to carry out the solution to a problem helps as well.) Being able to look at the situation, and find creative solutions, is important for any job. If you want to improve your finances, you can develop problem-solving skills that make you valuable to your employer.

You can also use your problem-solving skills to start your own business and make more money that way — without being beholden to someone else for your income. Your ability to solve problems can help you earn more money no matter your situation.