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4 Ways Hawkeye Changed to Improve His Career

If you want to improve your financial situation, making more money and possibly boosting your career, you need to be adaptable. You have to be willing to make changes, and adapt to new situations. Clint Barton — aka Hawkeye — knows all about changing the plan and moving forward. Indeed, here are some of the adaptations Hawkeye made to move forward in his career, making the changes necessary to go out there and better himself:

1. Take Charge and Chase after a Better Situation

You can’t improve your career, or your financial situation, if you are doing the same old thing. You need to make a change, and you need to be prepared to chase after a better situation. When young Clint Barton’s parents died, he and his brother were put in an orphanage. However, after a time, Hawkeye realized that he wasn’t getting anywhere. He and his brother ran away from the orphanage.

Clint took charge of his situation. Instead of bemoaning his fate and waiting for someone else to take care of the situation, he left the orphanage and took charge. If you want to make more money, improve your finances, or get that promotion, you need to take charge. Realize that you have control over what happens next. You don’t need to keep doing the same thing. It is possible to move on to something better. Put together a plan that will help you in your career. A good career strategy can help you move forward, and create something better for your life.

2. Find a Mentor

After running away from the orphanage, Clint and his brother joined a traveling circus. While there, Clint found a mentor in the Swordsman. The Swordsman helped him learn how to develop his talent for archery, and helped find his place at the circus. Of course, the Swordsman turned out to be a criminal who beat Clint within an inch of his life and scuppered. But the Swordsman still helped out.

Later, though, Hawkeye found another mentor in Captain America. While Hawkeye’s trouble with authority sometimes led to clashes with Captain America, he came to respect him, and learn from him. Finding a mento helped Hawkeye learn the ropes, and get connected. As one of the Avengers, Hawkeye even had his own trainees, and returned the favor by becoming a mentor himself.

A mentor can help you learn how to advance in your career. You can learn about how to interview, what skills to develop, and even enjoy networking opportunities. The right mentor can help you advance in your career, make more money, and be a more fulfilled person. But don’t forget to give back; you need to be a mentor as well, sharing your knowledge down the road.

3. Develop a Marketable Skill

While at the circus, Clint developed archery as a skill and became Hawkeye. Indeed, he worked his way up the ranks in the circus to become the star attraction. All because he developed a marketable skill that people were willing to pay for. As you consider what to do next in your career, think about what skills are in demand, and whether or not you can develop a talent into an expertise. Hawkeye was able to take his talent, and the refine it.

You need to do the same thing. Find out what certifications or course can help you move to the next level in your job. Practice at a skill until it’s good enough that people will pay you for it. You don’t necessarily have to get a four-year degree, either. Specializing with a professional certification, or even an Associate degree, can help you advance. Be aware of what is in demand in your field, and develop the skills and expertise to go with it. If you want to advance in your career and make more money, you have to show your value. A marketable skill can do just that. But remember: It has to be a marketable┬áskill, and in demand.

4. Admit Your Mistakes and Move Forward

Hawkeye made a mistake by falling in with the wrong people. At one point, it made him look like a criminal. At another point, he helped Black Widow against Tony Stark/Iron Man. However, he recognized his mistake, and eventually joined the Avengers. (Black Widow also defected from the USSR and joined the Avengers.) While previously considered a criminal, and while he did fight against the good guys, Hawkeye admitted his mistakes, and moved forward, becoming an important part of the Avengers.

If you want to take it to the next level in your career, you need to learn from your mistakes and move forward. We all make mistakes, and we all have misunderstandings. You need to learn from your mistakes, own up, and then move forward. Often, we are stronger for our learning experiences. Don’t let your mistakes drag you down. Instead, improve yourself, move forward, and make some next-level exploding arrows.