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5 Big Ways to Save More Money Over Time

There is a great deal of interest in saving more money. This makes sense, since one of the ways you can build wealth is to live a little more frugally. However, saving money doesn’t have to be about the penny pinching. In fact, you can improve your situation a great deal if you take the time to save money on the big things.

Instead of sweating the small stuff in your attempts to save money, consider some of the big things that will yield even better results over time. Here are 5 big ways to save more money over time:

1. Move Somewhere Less Expensive

Where you live matters. If you live in an expensive area, you will have higher costs. It’s that simple. Moving may not be possible for everyone, but if it does make sense for you, it can be a huge benefit to your long-term wealth. Even if you can’t move cities, think of ways to cut back on your cost of living. Look for ways to improve the amount of disposable income that you have. When you cut your cost of living, you will be far more likely to have the money to set aside to build future wealth.

2. Re-Evaluate the Fees You Pay

One of the biggest drains on your wealth is fees. From bank fees to investment fees, chances are that you are paying far more in fees than you need to. Go through all of your accounts, and switch things up so that you aren’t paying such high fees. Switch banks if you are tired of monthly fees and other costs. Instead of investing in high cost managed mutual funds, change to index funds and other simple investments that cost less over time. It takes a little time and research, and it can take some effort to move your money into better accounts, but it is completely worth it in the long run, since the overall savings could be huge.

3. Refinance Your Loans to a Lower Rate

Interest is a huge expense. If you want to save a great deal of money over time, you can do so by refinancing your high interest loans. Your mortgage might be the biggest offender. If it makes sense for you, refinance your mortgage. You could save tens of thousands of dollars over the life of your loan. You can also refinance car loans. Consider consolidating and refinancing your credit card debt as well. A lower interest rate makes a huge difference over time, and that difference can be a huge wealth better.

4. Spend on the Important Things

There’s nothing wrong with spending money — as long as you can afford what you are buying. Analyze your spending to determine where you have been going wrong with your money. Are you spending on unimportant items that you don’t really enjoy? Think about what’s important to you. So much money is wasted because consumers don’t really think about how they are spending it. Instead, think about your most important priorities. Spend money on those things, and stop spending on the unimportant things. You’ll have less clutter in your life, be happier with your situation, and build more wealth.

5. Live Healthier

Spending money  on health care can really add up over time. You can reduce your costs by living healthier. Consider eating better, and exercising more. When you are in better health, over a lifetime that can really add up to substantial savings. Making the appropriate changes can take effort, but it is worth it, especially when you consider that your quality of life improves, even as you save a great deal of money over the course of your lifetime.